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Our extensions at Lee Construction Builders in Hitchin will improve your quality of life

Extensions to your home open an endless array of possibilities. Are you feeling cramped in your own home? Have you been thinking ‘I want to transform my property’? Then you need to call Lee Construction Builders today. You can contact us by phone on 07763981841 or by e-mail at Maybe you are looking to put in a new greenhouse in the backyard. Whatever the ideas you may have are, a new home extension by Lee Construction Builders will add beauty and increase the value of your property all the while giving you and your family more space to breath. If you have a growing family, or you just want to open up your home and imprint your own style, call us today.

Extensions for that growing Hitchen family. Call Lee Construction now

Extensions are the perfect addition to the home with growing needs. If the kids are getting a little older and wanting more space of their own, an extension may be just what you need. Maybe a new kids game room is in order. Perhaps you are thinking of working from home to be closer to your family and looking to build an impressive home office. Lee Construction will help with everything from design to finishing and everything in between including fixtures. Maybe you just want a shell and do the inside yourself. We can construct the roof, walls and even install the windows and then leave the interior for your own DIY project. We will work within your budget to find the best possible solution to make your home your haven.

Extensions by Lee Construction Builders allow you to imprint your own style to your Hitchen home

Extensions don’t just add dead space to fill, they open a whole new world of possibilities for you to let your imagination roam wild. Go beyond the limitations of the original design of your home and extend out into that larger kitchen for gourmet cooking, or let us build the bathroom of your dreams with a spa. Contact Lee Construction Builders on 07763981841 or Today for a free, no obligation quote on your home extension. Tell us your ideas and what you want to use the space for and we will work with you to find the perfect design to fit your home and property. We want you to live in the house of your dreams and a home extension by Lee Construction Builders can make that possible.

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