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For general builders in Stevenage, Lee Construction Builders is who you should call

Looking for general builders in Stevenage? Lee Construction Builders is the company you need. Our tradesmen can help you with what you need, from home repairs to an extension to electrical or even install a door. If you live in Stevenage and asking for builders near me, then you are looking for Lee Construction Builders. Just call us on 07763981841 or e-mail us at with your ideas and desires. We’ll gladly come help you create the space of your dreams. We offer a free assessment and evaluation of the price and time needed to complete the job to the highest quality standards so you can know what all your options are before you make a decision.

General Builders from Lee Construction Builders will transform your Stevenage home

Need general builders with a keen eye for the more aesthetically important elements, or do you need help with smaller projects, such as repairs to the floor in your bathroom or changing the wallpaper in your living room? Also, if your roof is leaking and you are worried about what will happen to your house, or you just don’t like how it looks anymore, Lee Construction Builders is the company for you. Whether you need to renovate your home entirely or just do some much-needed repairs, Lee Construction Builders meet the highest requirements for construction work in the area. For us at Lee Construction Builders, the quality of our products and services is of the highest priority.

Why trust general builders from Lee Construction Builders in Stevenage?

Our general builders have great experience in the construction industry which can help us to provide you with fresh solutions and offer you practical advice. Don’t hesitate and call us for whatever kind of building you need in your home. We are available in Stevenage, including Knebworth, Aston, Ware, Tewin, Datchworth, Hitchin, Letchworth, Welwyn Garden City, Welwyn, Hertford, Hatfield, Royston & Enfield. If you live in these areas contact us now to set up an initial consultation. You can contact us by phone on 07763981841 or by e-mail at Our broad and deep knowledge of what is possible in our industry allows us to provide you with the best solutions for your home building problems.  

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