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Wall Removal Specialists in Stevenage

Lee Construction Builders LTD specialise in supporting load bearing wall removal and chimney removal work. So if your planning on removing a wall in your home and your not sure if its a supporting wall or not then give us a call and we will carry out a structural survey absolutely free of charge. Removing a supporting wall may seem like a daunting challenge but in fact its a relatively easy process all be in some what of a dusty job though so be prepared for that. It’s quite common for a customer to think that their wall is non supporting simply because there is no wall above but in many cases the joists span across the wall and actually support the floor above. To remove the wall, you would need to firstly check whether or not the wall is load bearing or not. If it is then the wall or joists or possibly both will first need to be fully supported using acro props before any of the wall is removed. Once the wall is removed an RSJ steel beam is fitted into place to carry the load from above. These RSJ steel beams will usually need to be calculated by a structural engineer. Recently Building control have become a little more strict with structural engineers as not all of them are chartered engineers. The key these days is to use a chartered structural engineer as this will save you time and money in the long run. We can supply you with a chartered structural engineer for approximately £350. Alternatively we can quote straight from any structural calculations you may already have. We can also remove chimney breasts, cut new openings for doors & windows or alternatively brick them up. Whatever alteration you need be it internal or external please give us a call. We offer highly competitive quotes and are your local wall removal specialists in Stevenage.



Specialising in


  • Internal alteration work

  • External alteration work

  • Supporting wall removal

  • Create new openings in walls

  • Stud partitions

  • Chimney removal

  • RSJ (Structural Steel Work)

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                    P. Williams

                       Letchworth, Hertfordshire

"Lee removed a supporting wall for me in my kitchen. In just one day Lee and his team had propped up the ceiling and removed the entire wall which was approximately 4 metres long. The next day he returned and put in the steel beam and removed the props and plaster boarded around the steel. One of his plasterers then come in and finished it all up. All i have to do now is paint it. Thanks again lee and please feel free to put this review on your website"

Best Wall Removal Specialists in Stevenage
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