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From simple roof repairs to a new roof. Call Lee Builders in Hitchin today

Roof repairs may be needed if you notice water spots on the ceiling of your home. Looking for a new roof? Call us today on 07763981841 or We know how much of a role your roof plays in keeping your home safe and sound and protecting your and your loved ones from all types of weather. That’s why we at lee Construction builders have dedicated ourselves to honest work with integrity to make sure your roof is sound. You and your family need proper shelter from the rain, sun, wind and snow. Lee Construction will make sure that happens. From loose shingles to a whole new roof we are the trusted builders who will treat your home as if it were our own.

Roof repairs by Lee Construction Builders in Hitchin is the only way to go.

Roof repairs by Lee Construction will make sure no further damage is done to your home by leaking water or other weather. Maybe you want a replacement roof to change the look and feel of your home?  No problem. Our roofers at Lee Construction Builders provide you with that, whether you need to restore your roof or build an entirely new one. We offer all kinds of roof types, such us gable roof, hip roof, mansard roof and gambrel roof. We handle everything for your new roof from initial sketches to the last nails in the last shingle. Nothing escapes our expertise. Call us now for your free estimate on your roof repairs to to see how we can help upgrade the appearance of your home with a new roof.

Roof repairs by roofers who know how important your Hitchen home is. Call Lee Construction builders today

Need expert roof repairs in Hitchin? If your roof is leaking or you are seeing water spots on the ceiling, don’t hesitate. Call us right away on 07763981841 or You don’t want that leak to lead to further more extensive and more expensive damage down the road. For us, your roof is a priority, as we are sure it is to you as well.  At Lee Construction Builders we respond to our customers needs and desires and see each job through to the complete satisfaction of the homeowner. Our highly skilled craftsmen take pride in their working even if it’s just fixing a few loose shingles. With Lee Construction Builders you can expect integrity, impressive work, competitive fair-pricing and honest service that exceed expectations.

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