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Exciting and practical ideas for your kitchen extensions

It might be time to update that old and out of fashion kitchen of yours. This is a project that can improve your home and also boost its value. If you're planning to do some renovations, then you'll want expert assistance. We employ the most skilled kitchen fitters Stevenage has available. They'll make sure the new design is perfect for you.

A kitchen extension is one of the most popular building projects amongst homeowners. During one, you can produce a huge open-plan space. Here, you can have room for seating and dining. The extra space isn't the only benefit of an extension however. A good design shall also increase your property's value if you end up selling. If you're currently struggling for ideas, we have a few you may want to consider.


With your extension, try to consolidate storage. If there's sufficient room, keep your cupboards in a specific area instead of having them all around the room. You can bank wall and base units together on a single wall. This lets you keep everything close at the business end of your space.

Peninsula dividers

Another possibility would be to use a peninsula as a divider. Well-positioned units can define the separate purposes of your extension. You may have extended out from the back wall of your house into your garden. If so, the old wall can become a natural separating point for your new extension.


Consider using glazed doors too. For bigger extensions that have high ceilings, you might feel that furniture isn't enough to split an open-plan space up. Full-height sliding glazed doors can add smart, defined verticals to your extension. Moreover, they can mark a change of function between living areas and the kitchen. This is without screening anything from view.

At Lee Construction Builders, we know how important it is to have a well-designed kitchen, especially if you do an extension. Our specialists will help you to realise your goals, no matter how unique they are. We can build the extension and also offer the highest quality kitchen fitters Stevenage has. Therefore you only need to deal with one team.

If you're interested in working with us, please get in touch.

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