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Wall Removal Stevenage

With the rise of open plan living spaces, many families now require the feeling of more space. In previous years, construction was focused on individual rooms for different functions. However now most new build properties focus on family living space with kitchen, dining living areas combined.

Most older properties are laid out in a room by room structure so to achieve this in an older property you would need to remove a wall

First we would find out what it is you want to achieve, do you require a large kitchen, a larger front room etc... We find out what your main goals are. We then look at the space you have and how removing walls and changing the layout internally can create a better quality of living space for your needs at a lower cost than an extension for example.

The removal of walls whether load bearing or not is quite a simple process. Once a design has been decided and you have your structural calculations in place (we can assist with this if needed), once this structural calculation pack is produced you can simply go online and submit a building notice to your local council authority. then we can then start the works

Choosing a Lee Construction Builders LTD for your wall removal project will be a good choice because we are a specialist chimney and wall removal contractor operating throughout Stevenage, Hitchin, Welwyn, Knebworth, Letchworth, Datchworth in fact pretty much covering all of Hertfordshire

We are more than happy to liaise Building Control throughout the project and get over any issues should they arrive

We have changed the layout of a many properties with removal of walls which in turn can create a completely different feel to a home. Every customer that we have worked with that have done this kind of work are delighted with the outcome and realise that it is not as daunting as it looks, all be it a little bit dusty.

If you have any questions about this process we would be more than happy to discuss it with you, please get in touch with Lee Construction Builders LTD your local wall removal Specialist Builder

07763 981841

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