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Extensions - a cost-effective alternative to moving home

Extensions are a very popular way to add space to your home. You can use it to give your property what it might be missing, including a larger kitchen or a new home office. It may appear like a big project to take on but the benefits can be huge. Everything will go smoothly when you choose us, some of the best builders in Stevenage.

You don't need a big budget or a complex design to add on something highly useful to your home. There is so much potential for the space, why not consider it?

Worth It

You can create a valuable and useful space when you use the right methods. This might be space-saving items to maximise the functionality. It could also be utilising sunlight from large windows to make the area bright and open. There are various possibilities, including using energy efficient features like LED lights.

There is a lot of work that goes into extending a property. Typically this includes gaining planning permission if necessary, designing the space, building, and finishing the space. We can help with as many or as few of these as you would like us to.

There are fewer costs with extending when you compare it to moving. You can also stay in a home that you already love but get what you want.

Beneficial Project

You need the addition to be homely and functional. This is along with having a great design that enhances your property for the better. You can boost the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future. In the mean time though, you can use it however you wish and enjoy your extended home.

Extensions are the ideal solution when you find that you have run out of space. This is often from a growing family but a lot of people just decide that they would like more room to spread out. Lee Construction Builders LTD can help you through our expert services. We can even take on projects for industrial and commercial use as well as domestic.

Reach out to the reliable builders in Stevenage now to speak about your ideas. We offer clear quotes and always strive to give our clients the best deals.

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