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Focus on safety and your appliances

If you require first-rate kitchen fitters Stevenage has no better employer than us. When you design them properly, kitchens can be the centre of homes. Having worked in this industry for years, we understand that customers all have their own preferences. However, that doesn't mean they can't all be successful with their designs. We're here to make certain they are.

It's very possible that this could be your initial dive into kitchen designing. If it is, we have some tips that could come in handy when you're planning.

Sockets and gas lines

See to it that there are suitable power sources for new or relocated appliances. Too many people realise that they lack the correct electric or gas lines late in the game. This can make installing them harder and potentially hurt the new design. You should also measure to check whether appliances will fit nicely. If you cram in a dishwasher, it can push up against your hose. This shall prevent it from draining properly.

Reusing appliances

Speaking of appliances, it might not always be a good idea to reuse ones from your previous kitchen. You may believe that you're saving money here. However, an older appliance can stand out easily within a new setting. It may be better to upgrade. This may even save you money in the long term as the new appliances may be more energy efficient.

Ensuring safety

Safety is important with kitchens as well. Make yours as family-friendly and safe as possible. Most importantly ensure electrics are not close to water sources. Think about other safety-conscious details too. This includes ovens at adult height, slip-resistant flooring, and also rounded countertops.

At Lee Construction Builders, we can aid you with the design, supply, and installation of kitchens. You may have bought new cabinets and appliances already. If so, then we'd be more than happy to handle the installation only. We have a great reputation as the top kitchen fitters Stevenage can offer so rely on us to produce top results.

Get in touch with us today if you require any of our services.

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