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How to choose a good builder and more importantly avoid a bad one

When you embark on a new build, extension or renovation project, there is a lot to think about—budget, schedule, productivity, and a host of other concerns. So, how do you choose the right builder? You need a builder who understands your needs, can work within your budget, meet your deadlines, work as a team player and provide solutions and innovations along the way.

Look out for the following and you’ll be on the right track.

Lack of Communication

If your struggling to get hold of your builder or their not returning your calls or messages then chances are they aren’t going to be very reliable builders, You want a reputable builder that your able to reach out to throughout all aspects of your project. The best builders will be open and always striving to keep their clients informed.

Vague quotations & Low pricing

While it may be tempting to hire the builder with the lowest quotation, low costs do not always result in a quality job or more importantly the job ever getting finished at all. It’s important to remember the old saying: “You get what you pay for.” Look for aspects of the quote that are not transparent and ask questions to ensure the contractor is able to work within your budget. Does the bid quote cover all aspects of the build? Are any items left out of the quote? Many builders avoid all the finishing touches so initially they’ll come in with the cheaper quote then hit you for extras as the build progresses. A bad contractor will dodge your questions, supply you with a very basic quote and push for a deposit to get their foot in the door. Avoid pushy builders at all costs. Lee Construction Builders LTD provide all customers with a fully itemised quote. The customer can then add or remove line items to come to a final price.

Lack of genuine references

If a builder is unable to provide you with references from previous projects, this may indicate a lack of client satisfaction or inability to complete a project on time or on budget. Always look for a builder that has a high customer satisfaction rate and is open with sharing recommendations from previous clients. It’s not uncommon these days for builders to make up fake reviews and even post fake pictures of supposedly completed projects. A good builder will be able to back up his reviews and previous projects by putting you in touch with previous clientele.

Ask Google

If a builder is well known and registered with multiple trade associations there will be a lot of information about them on google just by searching their company name

If you get no results back then they either have no reviews, affiliations or perhaps they just haven’t been trading very long which usually indicates a lack of experience.

The Benefits of the right builder

Managing a construction project is an enormous responsibility that requires highly specific skills and knowledge, not to mention a tremendous amount of time and patience. At Lee Construction Builders LTD, we strive to provide top quality customer service all while delivering an end result that exceeds expectations. If the thought of handling it all yourself is overwhelming, know that you don’t have to do it alone. Hiring someone to help you take on the challenge means replacing that stress with confidence.

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