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Ideas for smaller extensions

Most homeowners eventually run out of room, leaving the property feeling cramped. If you have the same problem, we can assist you by creating an extension. There's no need to worry about the quality or any issues because you'll receive aid from the finest builders in Stevenage.

There are some people who won't have the budget or space to introduce a large extension. This isn't an issue however as a smaller one can also serve you well. With a good design a modest addition can be transformative. You could improve airflow and circulation, and change a room's aspect. These are just a few examples of what you can accomplish. As long as you get everything right, you'll be able to add value as well as space. Here are some suggestions to start with.

Box dormer

Something you can do is adding a box dormer to fashion additional full-height space. You might have inherited a loft conversion from a previous owner. However, the volume of full-height space may not be to your liking. With the box dormer, you have an easy solution that can alter the feel of your loft. This can be especially useful in supplying the headroom necessary to add stairs to your loft.

The side return

You can find useful spaces at the side of semi-detached homes. You can add a small extension in these places that could be useful for expanding living space or creating something new like a porch.

A conservatory or orangery

You can add these to the back or side of many properties with ease. In many cases you won't need planning permission. They are less obtrusive than many developments because of the glazing. The new space can be multi-functional, whether it is a dining room or an office.

A bay window

This is one of the smallest extensions you can add to a home. However, it can transform a space. You can use the new room to make a little more space for a dining table or include a seat for reading.

At Lee Construction Builders, we help clients with obtaining the home of their dreams. Using our expertise, we can attend to all the details of your extension. The incredible designs we offer and our excellent standards of construction make us the best builders in Stevenage.

If you would like to speak with us about an extension, please get in touch.

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