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What do I need to know about garage conversions?

You may be after the finest builders in Stevenage. If this is the case, we're happy to tell you that your search is over. The tradesmen at our establishment are qualified specialists with lots of experience. Name any building obstacle and they'll inform you how to overcome it. From initial planning right up to completion, they can assist you with any project you're having trouble with.

Garage conversions are a noteworthy speciality of ours. They're one of the least disruptive and most cost efficient ways of improving your home. Additionally, this is a fantastic way of adding value. When done properly, you can expect to add a maximum of 10%.

If you intend to convert your own property, then you must plan for it carefully.

Planning permission

One of the first steps here is to discover whether you require planning permission. In the majority of scenarios, you won't need it. This is because garage conversions usually fall under permitted development. However, you could be modifying a stand-alone structure. If so, you must apply for a change of use. Those who own a listed property or live in a conservation area shall require permission.


You might also have to overhaul the foundations. There are several situations where you will need to assess them. This includes when you're building up and above the garage. Assessing them is necessary when adding new doors and windows, and filling in the room left by the garage door. If your foundations are absent or unsuitable, it's likely that you'll have to construct new ones to support the load.

At Lee Construction Builders, we can aid you in creating extra living space out of your garage. Our team excels in design, shell builds, fixture and fittings, and decoration and finishing. To make certain we achieve a top calibre finish too, we use only the highest quality materials.

If you want to work with the best builders in Stevenage rely on us. Contact our team if you have something in mind for your property or want to discuss the options.

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